Proven Ways In Treating Your Oral Infection

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One of the largest risks to our smile is the continuous battle against bacterial invasion. This can take place in the different tissue types of the mouth, and can be a serious liability to your smile. Tooth decay can lead to an exposed root, risking the need for a root canal surgery procedure or even an extraction.

When your gum tissue is affected by this condition, they may recede or pull back from their normal location on your gumline. This exposes the vulnerable structures underneath the tooth, and can lead to a deeper infection that may require surgery. Sometimes this becomes deep enough that it takes hold in the bone of the jaw, which may need a bone graft to correct. Today, your Cerritos, CA dentist explains how important it can be to remove a potential oral infection as soon as possible. Preventive care can be vital in helping you keep as much of your smile intact for years to come!

Care For Your Gums

Our periodontal tissue is an incredibly important material that provides security for our mouths. Essentially, this matter creates a seal to protect the connection of our teeth to our jaw. There is a complicated network of blood vessels and capillaries bringing oxygen constantly, and our gums are the seal which prevents harmful germs of getting in.

When an infection takes hold in this biological matter, it can lead to serious risks. Your gums will begin to recede, or pull back from their natural and healthy spot on your gumline. This removes the protection that it currently provides, and it puts you at a major risk!

Taking Control Of Your Health

The solution for this is most often a gum graft surgery procedure. There are a few different forms of this, such as what is known as a pinhole procedure or a free gingival graft. Initially, the tissue with active infection must be removed from the area to prevent a bacterial return. Then your healthy periodontal matter is stetched in order to cover an appropriate area.

If you need more tissue than can be found in that location, your periodontist or oral surgeon can locate a secondary donor site. This usually comes from the soft palate or the roof of the mouth, and can regenerate at the location of the damage.

These types of procedures require a soft diet during around a week-long recovery. Always discuss with your trained oral health professional about any additional concerns that may occur with your mouth. Each smile is unique and requires a custom approach!


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