Useful Help For Overnight Concerns

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Many people have unconscious behaviors that seem to express themselves especially at night. Your jaw is one of the primary areas where our brain often controls without our express desire. This means that while you sleep, you could be doing serious harm to your smile, and in turn, your overall health.

The act of grinding and clenching overnight is called bruxism, and it can wreak havoc on the physical structures of the mouth. Beyond wearing down your incisors and molars, you can actually readjust how they sit within your head. These overnight motions can cause very pointed damage due to the repetitive action.

Stopping the brain from trying to move while unconscious has proven to be an incredibly difficult thing to do. Our mental defenses are down! So today, your Cerritos, CA dentist writes about how custom-fitted night guards may help alleviate some of the pain and damage that can come through bruxism!

Relieve Pain

If you have an unconscious jaw movement, you may be causing all sorts of pain. Patients often report persistent headaches that can affect the quality of your daily life. This action can also lead to TMJ, a disorder of the jaw that can limit your range of motion.

Other sources can cause pain, as well. By wearing down your enamel, you place your teeth at a much higher risk of infection. When this reaches the pulp, you will most likely require a root canal surgery. This severs the connection to the circulatory system, and often comes alongside a crown to keep the structure safe going forward.

Maintain Your Beauty

Bruxism can cause serious harm in your appearance. This happens both in the look of the individual teeth, as well as how they sit in your face. Constant motion can shorten your incisors, and flatten your molars. Patients may require veneers or crowns to repair this.

You can also radically change the symmetry of your face by slanting your smile to one side. Or if you develop gaps or overcrowding in an area, it can harm your look. Speak with a trained oral health profesional if you notice any changes!

Stop Damage

Our jaws are shockingly strong, and we can do lasting harm if we are not careful in keeping ourselves safe. Nightly-worn mouthguards can provide this protection, with comfort and ease.

These custom-designed trays create a soft landing spot for your jaws to rest. Rather than having your mouth clash, the barrier can prevent damage before it even has a chance to start!


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