Stunning Advantages Of Porcelain Veneers

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For people with a broad variety of dental concerns, ceramic caps may bring both relief and beauty. These strong and functional prosthetic devices form a new enamel, as strong as your own natural material. Originally designed by a Hollywood dentist in 1929, this procedure has become incredibly commonplace in improving smiles.

From simple cosmetic grace to a more extensive repair of a broken structure, porcelain veneers give much in the way of freedom. Highly-skilled ceramicists craft these uniquely for your situation, and the adjustment of the size or orientation can help alleviate other concerns, as well. Gaps or overlaps may be erased without moving the parts within your jaw. This means less trauma on the body, and also a quicker recovery. Today, your Cerritos, CA dentist shares some of the ways that you may find a beautiful smile solution through porcelain veneers!

Can They Help Me?

If you are wondering about how these function, it may be helpful to note their history. During the Golden Age of Hollywood, a Los Angeles dentist was hired to create a dental special effect for a film. This man, Dr. Charles Pincus, chose to use the incredibly sturdy and translucent ceramic material porcelain. This is often used in homes for plates and cups, as it is both very durable and elegant.

The concept didn’t stick, as it was only intended for short-term use. But then later developments brought the use into widespread dentistry. First, the discovery of a process known as etching in 1959 expanded our ability to create long-lasting prosthetics. This utilizes a form of acidic wash, and it eats parts of our enamel. By making a surface that is uneven, there are also places for cement to take hold. The connection between man-made and biological materials became stronger than ever.

Still, it took about 25 years for the technique to make its way into the homes of everyday Americans. Today, many actors and public personalities opt for cosmetic improvements through a full set of veneers, particularly on their top jaw.

A Fix For Many Issues

Porcelain veneer surgery can help in a broad array of dental concerns. Firstly, our natural teeth are rarely shaped precisely how we would wish. Even from the start, a healthy smile may look slightly unappealing even though strong.

The location of the structures of your mouth may create problems, as well. Medically, overlapping and gapping can lead to decay and infection. These can be hard to reach, and force your jaw to compensate by chewing differently.

Broken and chipped teeth are also prime candidates for repair using this technique. If your concern is larger than can be fixed using bonding, a larger prosthetic can bring your tooth back to functionality!


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