Simple Steps For A White Smile

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One of the most common concerns that people have with their smile is with discoloration. After years of use, the things we consume on a daily basis can leave staining remnants that simply will not go away. It is important to monitor your daily intake of particularly problematic foods and beverages. And if you just cannot stay away from these items, how best to maintain your oral health through precautions in care!

Keeping your oral health as our prime concern, our procedure gently lifts these stains from your mouth, restoring your beautiful smile! Today, your Cerritos, CA dentist explains some ways to best avoid stains to begin with. And once they are there, the best way to softly remove them so that you don’t weaken your enamel!

Restore Your Confidence

When your smile is not at its best, it is easy to become discouraged by just about everything. We are incredibly social creatures, and our mouths are a huge part of our appearance and initial interaction. If you are constantly worrying about how you appear, it is very difficult to be successful in your daily life.

In order to best maintain a properly tinted smile, diet maintenance is the first step in prevention. Traditional culprits like coffee and red wine are as dangerous as ever, especially since we tend to leave these items in our mouth for a longer period of time.

While smoking has decreased in popularity, the use of e-cigarettes and vaping technology has skyrocketed. There are certain issues that we know can harm your teeth through dry mouth and decay. But also, this is a very new technology with outcomes that we cannot possibly predict. If you can stop the use of tobacco products entirely, it will help you immensely.

Smokeless tobacco products are no safer in this regard, either. Whether you use a dip, snus, or traditional chewing tobacco, you may be doing serious harm to your periodontal tissue, or your gums. Gum recession is a leading cause of tooth decay, not to mention the added risk of oral cancer!

Take Steps

If you have lasting stains that you wish to banish, our gentle whitening procedure may be the solution for you. Since the risk of tooth sensitivity increases with the use of whitening technology, our approach first and foremost approaches your health future.

Our procedure can be handled in the office with a same-day procedure that should not even affect your day much. And renew and reinvigorate your self-esteem by ensuring that your smile is as wonderful as it possibly can be! Speak with your dentist today about the possibilities that whitening can provide for you!


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