Safe, Effective Whitening In A Flash!

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For many of us, it is a constant struggle to maintain a pearly, bright smile. From our indulgences like coffee and red wine, to more seemingly innocent foods like tomatoes, we are constantly exposing our dental tissue to stains. Our routine oral health care can help significantly here, but as we grow older, these compound and become noticeable.

Other things such as disease or immune disorders can also play a huge role in how white you are able to keep your teeth. Not only that, but some of the medicines themselves can harm your smile. Today, your Cerritos, CA dentist talks to you a little about the safest way to whiten your smile, in one appointment!

Common Causes

Certain foods tend to stain the enamel more than others. Coffee, red wine, soy sauce, these are all things that can very obviously affect the color of your teeth. But nearly all of the foods we ingest can leave a lasting mark upon your teeth.

Many common fruits and vegetables can cause this, and some discoloration risk is simply a part of life. But it is best to ensure that you do not leave any material on the surface of your enamel for longer than it needs to be.

And if you smoke, please think about quitting now. It can cause unnumerable damage to your oral health, and waiting to quit only kicks the can down the road. In the meantime, you are causing yourself noticeable harm.

Your Health Plays A Part

Many of us suffer from long-term diseases and ailments that can lead to the deterioration of the structures of the mouth. As the largest opening into the body, any small change in the immune system can affect the mouth significantly. This is especially true with HIV/AIDS, some cancers, and diabetes.

Also, some medicines can have this effect, as well. If you have noticed a change, please be sure to inform both your dentist and your physician, as well as any other healthcare professionals you visit. There may be a reaction in your body that needs to be addressed.

A Speedy Solution

While identifying causes of discoloration is very helpful in limiting future harm, it will not help much as a remedy for current existing stains. For this, we have an in-office procedure that safely lifts marks and color from the enamel. It is quick and simple, often only requiring one same-day appointment!

Rather than subjecting you to harsh bleaching agents to restore proper brightness, our procedure is specifically designed with your health and safety in mind. Too hard of bleaching can lead to tooth sensitivity and weakness, so our goal first and foremost is to ensure your strength and health.


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