Tooth Sensitivity Can Be More Than Annoying

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For those suffering from pain in their teeth, they might be inclined to believe that it is something that might ease up over time. Maybe the issue will subside and then with proper oral health maintenance, it can be avoided in the future. If you can just get over the pain right now!

Unfortunately, that is not often how tooth sensitivity operates. So it is very important to find the cause of your discomfort, and determine what steps need to be taken. Today, your Cerritos, CA dentist offers some ideas on what to look for, and what you might want to document for the next time you are in the office for a cleaning and examination!

A Common Concern

By some estimates, around 35% of the United States population deals with some form of dentin sensitivity. While for some it may be an occasional concern that is not rising to the level of an emergency, it still should not be ignored. If there is an underlying reason that is causing this sensation, the best thing to do is to address that rather than simply the symptoms. There may even be a crack within your tooth that you have yet to notice.

The material that is affected is known as dentin. This lies just underneath the hard enamel, which provides the strength and function of the teeth that we see in the mirror every day. When damage or decay leads to the exposure of the biological matter underneath, different forms of interactions may lead to pain.

Track Your Symptoms

Gum recession is another way where your more sensitive tissue can become exposed to the outside world. When a bacterial infection takes hold within your periodontal tissue, the gums pull back, and can leave the root of the tooth open to danger. Infections within the tooth often require a root canal surgery, so if periodontal health is what is causing your concern, we can address that to prevent future issues.

By keeping note of each time you experience a spike in pain, you might be able to isolate things that appear to be spurring it. For instance, if hot bothers you but not cold, jot that down. Or if sweet things seem to be leading the way in your discomfort. This can be helpful during diagnosis.

Be Open And Honest

One thing that you can do to help your oral health is to have a great line of communication with your provider. You may feel embarrassed by smoking or drinking coffee, but it is much more helpful to be truthful in how you live your life. This way, if there are any complications that can arise from activity, we can try to limit them or even avoid them entirely.

Any health concerns you have beyond your mouth should be conveyed to your dentist, as some illnesses can cause weakness or even damage. The same is true about medications, so a comprehensive approach to health may be able to help these treatments work together. And if you are currently using a whitening toothpaste or procedure, it might be best to slow down or stop entirely for the time being until your oral health professional can give you an exam.


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