Reliable Solutions For Painful Teeth

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If you are experiencing tooth pain of some sort, know that you are not alone. This is one of the most common reasons that people visit dentists, after all. Even when people know they need to speak with an oral healthcare professional, nothing spurs them to action quite like a toothache can.

Whether you are feeling pain in one individual area, or in the entirety of your mouth, we have solutions available to you. Today, your Cerritos, CA dentist explains some of the most common procedures we perform at the office. As well, we will look at the reasons behind these methods, so you aren’t left in the dark!

We Constantly Fight Infection

Our mouths are incredibly susceptible to swarms of microscopic germs. After all, this is the largest opening into the body, and we are constantly opening and closing it. By exposing it so much to the elements, we are risking harboring colonies of bacteria.

When they build up within the recesses of the mouth, they create highly acidic waste that eats through your enamel. This is how cavities develop. When those grow too large and too deep, they break through to the interior of the tooth.

A bacterial infection within this structure can become incredibly painful. And unfortunately, the best remedy for this is a root canal. This surgery often gets a bad reputation in movies and television, but it can relieve terrible pain for patients.

Sensitivity Affects Many

For those with a different sort of pain, a different approach may be necessary. For instance, those with dentin sensitivity may have another set of clues to track down. Note the times and locations where you are experiencing discomfort.

Is it localized or general? Is it when you drink hot or cold things? Do sweets aggravate the problem? Write these down so that you can take this information to your dental professional. The more that they know about your situation, the less time it will take to determine the problem.

And if you are currently suffering, don’t do it in silence! Please reach out to us about setting an appointment so that we can relieve your pain. Nobody enjoys a toothache, and it will most likely only get worse if you put it off!

There are numerous causes for this, so also be sure to note any health concerns you have and any medications that you are taking. There is always the possibility of these things impacting your smile.


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