The Miracle World Of Veneers

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The development of porcelain veneers is one of the most amazing advancements of the last hundred years. With this technology we are able to craft entirely new smiles without affecting the biological structures beneath the gumline. Or we can repair a cracked or broken tooth with a durable and realistic prosthetic.

Today, your Cerritos, CA dentist writes about how versatile this procedure can be, and why it may be a great solution for you!

A Brief History

First invented in 1928, veneers have an interesting history of how they have gotten to today. Charles Pincus, a Hollywood prop and costume designer, created a false set of teeth for an actor. These were attached using a removable adhesive. These were the start, but they were not intended to be worn for long periods of time, let alone as a permanent dental option.

In 1959, however, the development of etching allowed for a more streamlined cementing process. Because of this advancement, attachment became more permanent, allowing for a more durable product. But it didn’t really catch on until 1982, when scientists paired these processes. And their uses are constantly expanding!

Their Use Today

These days, porcelain veneers are very common, for both restorative and cosmetic purposes. It seems like one of the first step for any aspiring actor or news anchor is to have a new front placed. Brad Pitt even had his removed for a more rugged appearance in the movie Fight Club.

For those who may have cracked or broken an individual or set of teeth, the restoration available with these prosthetics can be amazing. Even for breaks near the gumline, a putty can be placed to build up material. It is layered to create a strong base for the ceramic to adhere.

These can also be very beneficial in the cosmetic realm, as well. It may seem obvious, as your outward appearance will be crafted by a skilled ceramicist, but there are more benefits than you might know. For instance, many issues with misalignment can be corrected with the placement of a porcelain veneer.

By developing and sculpting a new tooth, the scale and shape can be designed with that space in mind. The result is an effortlessly gorgeous smile that you will want to show to the whole neighborhood!


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