Help Prevent Enamel Erosion

Worn Cerritos, CA

Our teeth, while very strong, are not impervious to damage. The hard exterior, known as the enamel, is your mouth’s firmest structure. It also provides a lot of support and protection. When this material becomes weakened in some form or fashion, the whole of the mouth becomes at risk.

Today, your Cerritos, CA dentist talks to you about some common types of enamel damage, and what you can do to help protect your smile!

Take Care With What You Put In Your Mouth

The first thing we must always remember is that our smiles encounter many different types of foods and beverages throughout the day, and many of these are fairly acidic. Some common acidic drinks include coffee, sodas, and even fruit juices. Be careful, especially at night. If you leave remnants of these in your mouth, there will be a full 8 hours of damage created by the bacteria in your mouth.

The sugars in our drinks and food can also pose massive risks to the mouth. Bacteria feast upon any form of carbohydrate. While we may know to avoid sugary drinks and foods, but even common items like bread and milk are broken down into glucose.

When bacteria form in the recesses of your mouth, they also produce waste. This waste is highly acidic and will corrode your enamel, creating cavities. Fillings will be required at this point to correct the situation, and it might even be necessary to perform a root canal.

During a root canal, a dentist performs a pulpectomy, which is the removal of the fleshy interior portion of the tooth. Afterward, a crown is most likely placed over the top of the remaining structure, providing support and protection.

You Have Power

Before the damage gets to that point, however, it is important to see your dentist often. Maintain a rigid schedule that you develop with your dentist in order to keep your mouth safe and secure. Routine examinations and cleanings can catch issues long before they become serious endodontic concerns.

And as always, be sure to have a solid daily oral health care routine. Twice daily brushing, alongside daily flossing and an oral rinse, can help prevent damage to the enamel. If you have additional enamel concerns due to disease or genetic predisposition, your oral health care professional may give you more advice. Take their instructions to heart!


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