Wisdom Teeth Questions: Always? Or Only Sometimes?

Wisdom teeth! They can become quite tricky as they grow in and they are also commonly very tricky for patients to fully understand. They seem like nuisances that generally require wisdom teeth removal. However, you may find yourself wondering: Do they always require removal…or only sometimes? To help with this and other similarly asked questions, our Cerritos, CA team is on the scene with the smile-protective details you’d really like to know more about! Ready for even more information about your own teeth? Schedule a visit!

Will These Teeth Always Become Impacted?

You hear that one of the main reasons to go through wisdom teeth removal is as a means of dealing with third molars that have become impacted. In fact, you probably know a lot of people that have dealt with this. As a result, you wonder, do these teeth always become impacted? Or only sometimes? The answer is: Only sometimes! It’s possible that your wisdom teeth will grow in and that they will be perfectly healthy. Or, they may become impacted. Fortunately, we can monitor the development or current status of these molars, so we may help you determine what your smile needs!

Do Wisdom Teeth Always Need To Come Out?

Now, as you can see, sometimes wisdom teeth are highly problematic. Sometimes, they grow in perfectly fine! However, you may feel sure you’ve heard that people often still receive wisdom teeth removal, even when impaction hasn’t occurred. This is also the case. We remind you that teeth that are problematic should certainly be removed. As for teeth that are not causing any problems, this is up to you. From a dental professional standpoint, since third molars are extremely difficult to reach and keep clean, we often suggest removal to allow patients to avoid dealing with challenging care that only results in tooth decay or infection. So, the answer again, is that sometimes these teeth need to come out. For answers about your teeth, come in!

Do People Always Develop Third Molars?

Nope. Many people develop wisdom teeth. Some develop all four, while others develop anywhere from one to three of them. Others don’t have any of them at all! To determine whether you have third molars and whether or not you may benefit from wisdom teeth removal, visit our team!

Get Answers About Your Wisdom Teeth 

Come in to learn all you need to know about your third molars and whether wisdom teeth removal is something that you need, something you may elect to consider, or something you can go without! To schedule an appointment or consultation with Dr. Hofkes, contact us today by calling 562-584-4082. We proudly welcome patients of all ages from Cerritos, CA and all surrounding communities.