Community Spotlight: Asian Food and Crafts at the 626 Night Market

What’s the best part about having healthy teeth and gums? For some people, the answer is a beautiful smile. Others appreciate a life without fear of cavities or root canal treatments. Us? We love being able to eat our favorite foods, something that’s a serious challenge for someone with missing teeth or a bad toothache. It’s no wonder that we have food on the brain—the 626 Night Market is on our calendar for Sunday, August 17th. Just a half-hour drive from Cerritos to Arcadia seems well worth your while, especially if you share our passion for Asian cuisine. Inspired by traditional Asian night markets, the event showcases food, crafts, and live music from more than 200 vendors.

Dr. Shawn Hofkes, whose office performs tooth extractions in Cerritos, CA, explains circumstances in which an extraction may be your best option. Many of our patients are surprised to learn that a tooth needn’t be severely decayed or damaged to warrant an extraction, although both are common causes that would warrant removal.

Removing Infected or Badly Damaged Teeth

That nagging toothache you’ve been nursing for weeks? There’s a good chance that, without treatment, the problem may become more severe. Patients often feel apprehension when they think of having a tooth extracted, or they assume that a simple dental filling will be sufficient. As a result, they delay or avoid treatment altogether. Beyond this point, even a root canal treatment cannot salvage the tooth. A tooth that has sustained serious trauma, such as a sports injury or car accident, may not be strong enough to support a dental crown or filling. In this case, the tooth must be removed. Fortunately, you have several available options for replacing lost or extracted teeth.

Special Circumstances That Call for an Extraction

Crowding is one of the most common causes contributing to crooked, overlapping teeth. Sometimes it’s not possible to begin orthodontic treatment until one or more teeth have been removed. Otherwise, there’s a risk that the newly straightened teeth will quickly shift back once the appliance has been removed. Removing a tooth, usually near the side of the mouth, allows just enough space for the remaining teeth to be coaxed into position.

Wisdom tooth extractions are common procedures among teens and young adults. Although the procedure can be performed on adults, Dr. Hofkes cautions that it becomes increasingly difficult because the jawbone becomes denser with age. Not all patients require wisdom tooth extractions; the procedure is recommended for patients whose wisdom teeth are infected, impacted, or growing at an unsuitable angle.

Extractions are also necessary for patients who need dentures or dental implants, whether to replace one missing tooth or several.

Questions about tooth extraction? To learn more about oral surgery or wisdom tooth extraction, or to schedule an appointment with Dr. Shawn Hofkes, visit here. We welcome patients living in and around Cerritos, Long Beach, Lakewood, Fullerton, Buena Park, and the neighboring communities.