White Fillings in Cerritos CA

If you have had cavities filled in the past, you may have old amalgam fillings. Amalgam is made out of mixed metals, including trace amounts of mercury. Though high levels of mercury are dangerous, the low levels of mercury in fillings are typically considered safe. A mouth full of amalgam, however, can create a less-than-uniform smile. Replacing your fillings with white fillings is one way to make the most of our cosmetic dentistry services.

What Are the Benefits of White Fillings?

A mouth full of white fillings will look more consistent in color. White fillings will camouflage your cavities because they blend with the natural coloring of your teeth. While dental work is nothing to be ashamed of, that does not mean you want to share your personal dental history with onlookers. Though you may feel concerned that white fillings cost more than amalgam, the slightly greater investment is often worthwhile. White fillings, made of composite, offer the following benefits:

  • They are safe for individuals sensitive to mercury.
  • Their metal-free, mercury-free composition is safe for pregnant women.
  • Composite bonds directly with the surrounding tooth, so it will maintain its shape for long-lasting wear.
  • Your dentist can blend colors to create a white or near-white filling that matches the color of your teeth.
  • Composite fillings require smaller holes for fillings, thereby preserving a greater portion of your natural tooth.

Is It True That White Fillings Don’t Last?

When composite fillings were introduced in the 1960s, they were not composed out of the same materials as they are today. During that time, the materials did not result in sturdy fillings. Today’s strong, composite resin helps prevent the breakdown of the surrounding tooth due to its direct bond. Because metal fillings do not bond to the surrounding tooth, weakening and damage is more likely to occur.

If you are ready to replace old fillings or if you have new cavities, we can make your hopes for a more beautiful, healthy smile possible. Dr. Hofkes will discuss your concerns and create a program tailored to your particular preferences.

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