When To Extract Your Wisdom Teeth

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Planning for the arrival of your wisdom teeth can help you protect your oral health and preserve the comfort and alignment of your bite. Most people can expect these third molars to erupt in their late teen years or twenties. Although certain people experience no issues, regularly visiting the dentist to discuss the movement of these teeth can help you understand whether or not you require an extraction. When your jaw is too small to comfortably fit four additional teeth, they can crowd and damage your existing molars. This can be in the form of chips, cracks, or other enamel wear that increases your risk for tooth decay and infection.

At your Cerritos, CA dental practice, we help our young patients monitor the arrival of wisdom teeth and will let you know if we expect complications. We can help prevent their painful eruption and perform a safe extraction that maintains the alignment of your smile.

Monitoring Your Wisdom Teeth As They Come In

In early childhood, your first trips to the dentist teach you proper brushing and flossing techniques while providing your first dental cleanings and examinations. As you enter your teen years, we continue providing lifelong care by tracking the growth and movement of your third molars at your semiannual visits. By taking x-rays of your teeth and jaw, we determine if these teeth are coming in straight, crooked, or risk becoming impacted. Whenever there is not enough space for your new teeth, or they do not erupt straight, your bite can become misaligned and seriously harm your oral health. Furthermore, crowded teeth increase your risk of tooth decay when their surfaces are impossible for you to fully clean. As pockets of bacteria gather and create plaque, you risk experiencing gum infections as well. By planning for their arrival, we can help you decide whether or not to remove them to prevent potential complications and damage to your smile.

Extracting Your Wisdom Teeth

To perform your extraction, we will provide the necessary anesthetics to make your surgery as comfortable as possible. While you will be awake during your procedure, you should not experience any pain. Once we are done removing your third molars, we will guide you through a successful recovery. Because removing teeth leaves open sockets in your mouth, you will eat a special diet to avoid pain and assist your healing. To prevent dry sockets, you must avoid any actions that create suction, such as using a straw or smoking.

Talk To Your Cerritos, CA Dentist About Receiving An Extraction

When wisdom teeth come in crooked, or your jaw is too small for them to fit, they can quickly harm your smile. Performing an extraction can preserve the alignment of your bite and prevent painful complications from an uncomfortable eruption. For more information on how we can treat this issue and plan a removal, call your Cerritos, CA dentist’s office at (562)584-4082!