An Effective Treatment For Teeth Grinding

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If you suspect you grind or clench your teeth at night, treatment can prevent further damage and complications with your oral health. Because this habit happens while we are asleep, it can be difficult to detect before your teeth are significantly worn. If you do not promptly treat it, erosion of your enamel can cause dental misalignment and make you susceptible to decay and gum disease. Because your protective layer keeps teeth white, wearing it away can lead to a yellow look. When your pulp is exposed to oral bacteria, grinding your teeth, also known as bruxism, can increase your likelihood of a tooth infection.

At your Cerritos, CA dentist’s office, we offer a non-invasive solution for treating bruxism. We can inspect your mouth for its signs and provide an oral guard to protect your teeth while you sleep. By wearing this appliance, you can relieve pressure on your jaw and wake up feeling refreshed.

The Causes Of Teeth Grinding

Determining the source of your habit can help you put it to an end and protect your smile. Patients who experience increased anxiety or stress may exhibit bruxism. If you have an injury that misaligns your teeth, this can cause excessive wear and tear. Seeking treatment for tooth loss or malocclusion can restore your bite and prevent physical erosion of enamel. Consider asking a family member to observe you while you sleep to determine if you clench at night. When you visit your dentist, we will look at your mouth and evaluate the severity of the damage. While cases of mild bruxism may not require treatment, we provide relief when harm, headaches, or problems with your jaw are present.

Wearing An Oral Night Guard

When we see that your teeth need protection, we will provide a night guard to wear while you sleep. Made from a safe, BPA-free material, this appliance separates each row of teeth from rubbing one another. This relieves the straining that causes headaches and can lead to jaw disorders.

Repairing Your Smile After Bruxism

We can also help you restore the beauty of worn-down teeth after experiencing this condition. Cosmetic solutions such as ceramic crowns and porcelain veneers can give you confidence in showing off your smile. These treatments return a healthy appearance to cracked and chipped teeth and can address issues with discoloration from grinding.

Speak With Your Cerritos, CA Dentist About Wearing An Oral Guard

When you grind your teeth at night, you harm your oral health and physical appearance at the same time. By wearing a night guard, you can prevent wear and tear and relieve stress on your jaw. To discuss receiving this appliance, and treating existing damage from bruxism, please call your Cerritos, CA dentist’s office at (562)-584-4082!