Veneers Offer A Natural Look

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Imperfections can affect the shape and color of your teeth as you age. Daily wear and tear can make you wonder what options are available to enhance the look of your smile. While certain problems can be solved using the natural material of your teeth, some benefit from a synthetic solution. Orthodontics, for example, can shift your existing structures, but what can you do to change their form and shade? The placement of lifelike porcelain veneers offers a beautiful, new smile with a conservative approach. If you are looking to improve your appearance, your Cerritos, CA dentist’s office provides consultation to determine if this treatment addresses your cosmetic concerns.

A Versatile Treatment For Dental Wear And Tear

No matter how careful and regimented you can be in taking care of your oral health at home, certain things happen that are simply out of your control. Constant use of your mouth through speaking, biting, and chewing can cause minor chips and cracks to the teeth. Various foods and drinks can cause unsightly stains or even begin to erode your enamel. Fortunately, the application of porcelain veneers is a versatile dental treatment that can be customized for a variety of esthetic shortcomings.

A skilled ceramicist creates your new veneers from thin layers of porcelain that are then bonded directly to the front of your teeth. The restoration provides a beautiful appearance that can cover existing stains and blemishes. You can select the shade to mimic a whiter, natural looking enamel. Placement also covers physical cracks and chips without requiring extensive alteration of the teeth themselves. You can cover undesirable gaps between your teeth by extending the edges of the layer. This extension can address wear from years of grinding and clenching by building up the height of the porcelain.

Other Cosmetic Services

In addition to veneers, we offer other treatments to enhance your smile and preserve your oral health. We provide teeth whitening services that help remove stains by placing a safe bleaching agent onto the surface of your enamel. The placement of a dental crown can restore the appearance of a damaged tooth while also improving its ability to bite and chew. Sometimes the combination of different treatments can address the totality of your concerns. We are happy to discuss each service and guide you towards your desired smile.

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