A Custom Device For Teeth Grinding

Oral Mouthguard

You may be grinding your teeth at night without even knowing it. When this condition becomes severe, it can cause serious damage to your oral health. Left untreated, this condition, otherwise known as bruxism, can damage your enamel and expose the inner roots of your teeth making them prone to bacterial infection. Your bite may become misaligned, causing difficulty chewing at mealtime. Because this condition often occurs while we’re unconscious, you should speak with your Cerritos, CA Dentist to identify symptoms and seek a proper solution.

Wear An Oral Night Guard For Maximum Protection

If we see the signs of nightly grinding and clenching, we will take quick action to prevent further damage to the remaining healthy structure of your teeth. Wearing a night guard each evening before bed will secure your teeth so that you do not harm your enamel while you sleep. The guard is uniquely shaped to fit your bite and alleviates the pressure placed on your jaw joints and muscles by constant clenching. This can relieve headaches and migraines brought upon by TMJ disorder, a complication of the temporomandibular joint often associated with bruxism.

An Alternative to Surgery

When grinding of the teeth leads to TMJ disorder, the placement of an oral guard may alleviate your pain by limiting movement of the jaw at night. This option can prevent the time consuming recovery period of a more invasive surgical treatment while offering important relief. Talk to your dentist and discover if a night guard can manage your TMJ symptoms without requiring a more aggressive treatment.

Repairing Existing Damage To Your Smile

After we see the current condition of your teeth from grinding, we may recommend cosmetic dental work to address any esthetic concerns in your appearance. Our practice offers solutions such as ceramic crowns and porcelain veneers to create a more beautiful smile after nights of damage. Veneers repair minor blemishes by applying a layer of translucent white porcelain to the front of one’s teeth. This covers the appearance of a chip or gap in your smile without greatly impacting the natural material. A dental crown can repair dental function as well, because it wholly surrounds the tooth. Covering the entire structure allows the crown to withstand the full pressure of daily chewing while enhancing your grin.

Speak With Your Cerritos, CA Dentist About Using A Night Guard

Bruxism can take a serious toll on your teeth while you sleep. Fortunately, the use of a nightly guard will lower your risk for trouble with your smile during the night. To find out how we can provide a guard that is custom-made and capable of staying secure and providing important protection, please call Cerritos Dental Surgery in Cerritos, CA at (562)584-4082!