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We are always fighting tooth damage of one sort or another. Decay is our number one enemy, but even beyond that, oral trauma seems like it is always just right around the corner. From a stray baseball to a car accident, our teeth are not immune to trauma, no matter how well we take care of them.

And unfortunately, we do not grow new dentin and enamel to replace any material that has been damaged. So, for many of us, we will rely on restorative oral health care at some point in our lifetime. This may be a porcelain veneer, or even a dental implant. And almost all of us will require a denture prosthetic, if we are lucky to live long enough.

Today, your Cerritos, CA dentist explains the importance of dental crowns, and how they might be of help to you in keeping a fully functional, strong mouth!

Lower Risk

If you have a broken tooth that requires a dental crown, it is best to have it secured as soon as you possibly can. Every bite you take is a risk of losing more of your natural material, which is something we can never get back. And at the site of the break, the interior portion of your tooth is exposed to the outside air and your saliva.

This leads inevitably to an infection of the fleshy portion of the root and the pulp, which will lead you to requiring a root canal surgery. This includes a pulpectomy, which is the removal of the soft tissue within. Then the connection to the circulatory system is blocked using a putty material known as gutta-percha.

If at all possible, we would prefer to place a crown before the root canal is necessary, so that we can avoid additional surgery. Preventive care is important to remember, and it can save you a headache in the future. But in either situation, this care may help you.

A Bright Future

Crowns can provide stability for decades to come, if maintained appropriately. And not only that, the peace of mind that comes with this structural support cannot be understated. We use our mouths so much throughout the day, providing strength can alow you to breathe a little easier.

So call us today to schedule an appointment and we can plan your best course of action with you. Don’t put this off, as only further damage can occur!


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