Don’t Ignore Your Tooth Pain

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Tooth pain can occur for a wide variety of reasons. But if you are suffering from this condition, you shouldn’t ignore this sign, as it can mean a great deal for the health of your smile. Rarely does a situation simply get better on its own, and there may be an underlying cause to the discomfort of which you’re unaware. For these reasons, it is incredibly important to speak with your dentist about any chronic tooth discomfort, whether in an individual area or pain in the entire mouth.

Today, your Cerritos, CA dentist explains some common causes of tooth pain and why you shouldn’t put off getting help!

What Could Be The Cause?

Sometimes, the cause of your tooth pain can be identified fairly easily. If you have a broken tooth or a cavity of which you are aware, feeling something at that location may signify that a bacterial infection has set in.

If this is the case, you will most likely require a root canal. During this procedure, your dentist performs a pulpectomy, in which they remove the fleshy interior portion that connects to the rest of your body through the circulatory system.

After this has been removed, the connections to the body are sealed with a material titled gutta-percha, a plant-based putty. A crown will almost always be necessary to ensure the stability of this tooth, and that it will remain functional for years to come.

Watch Out For Wisdom Teeth

For many adolescents and young adults, the biggest concern is the growth of the last set of molars. These, called wisdom teeth, are holdovers from a time when our faces were larger and could accommodate a larger smile. Due to evolutionary change, however, they mostly just pose people problems.

These teeth can grow in awkward directions, leading to misalignment and crowding within your smile. Or they can be deformed in shape, or become a source of infection. For most people, the solution is the extraction of these, and addressing the situation as soon as possible can mean all the difference in the damage they can do to your smile.

There is a period of recovery after this surgery, which may likely require general anesthetic. Be sure to follow all advice given to you by your dentist in order to avoid as much pain as you can. This also ensures the quickest and safest recovery for you for years to come.

Your dentist will most likely push you to have x-rays during this age, so please also be sure to schedule your routine cleaning and examination. Also, having a consistent set of eyes on your smile and routine imagery means that changes can be spotted early, limiting any future damage.


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