Dental Emergencies Happen Quickly

Emergencies happen quickly. That’s what makes them emergencies. You can’t always plan for a specific emergency, but you can be prepared for a general emergency situation. That’s why the fire marshall recommends that you have an evacuation plan in place for the event of a fire. You may not know how the fire will start, but you’ll know what to do when it does. The same is true for dental emergencies. It’s important to know how to respond in the case of an emergency. This will help you stay calm and increase your chances of keeping your tooth.

Know Who Your Emergency Dentist Is

If you know what to do in the event of an emergency, you’re more likely to stay calm. That’s the biggest asset you can have in an emergency situation. If you are calm, you’ll act more clearly and quickly. Dental emergencies include a variety of different situations, but in any case, you should know who to call. Have an emergency dentist that you can contact if you need to do so. An emergency dentist will be able to see you on short notice, and often outside of the normal hours window of the dentistry. Time is of the essence when it comes to dental emergencies, so you want to plan ahead.

Teeth That Have Been Knocked Out Need Attention

Many dental emergencies come in the form of physical accidents that cause teeth to become displaced. If your tooth has been physically knocked out of your mouth, you should try to hold onto it. If it’s clean and unbroken, you can try to replace it into its socket. If not, then you can put it in a glass of milk to try to preserve it. The quicker you’re able to receive treatment after your tooth is knocked out, the more likely you will be to keep the tooth. That’s why it’s so important to have an emergency plan in place.

Teeth That Are Missing Can Be Replaced

In the event that your dental emergency causes you to lose a tooth such that it cannot be saved, your dentist can help you choose a prosthetic to replace the missing tooth. Options like dental implants and dental bridges look lifelike next to your other teeth.


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