How To Prep Your Smile For (A Safe) Halloween

You may feel that of all holidays, Halloween is certainly one that calls for you to throw caution to the wind and to just enjoy the festivities that the experience brings! However, we remind you: This isn’t something that will work for your smile health. Sure, you can tell yourself that you’re going to live on the edge just this once but don’t forget that the consequences to your oral health will be the same either way. So, how to have a fantastic celebration that’s safe for your smile, too? Our Cerritos, CA assures you, it’s absolutely possible with just a bit of simple preparation.


Do you have a problem with a tooth? A dental implant? Your bridge? You aren’t sure but you would love to know your smile is in exceptional condition, so you can enjoy a completely stress-free Halloween? Wonderful. Come in, so we may provide you with the accurate information you need (and any treatment you may require)!

Brush And Floss Like Always

Remember that like on any other day, keeping your teeth, gums, dental implants, restorations, and any other dental work safe through smile care means keeping up with your dental hygiene! You may find that you’re tempted to just say, “I’m just going to skip brushing this once!” when you get home from a party, trick-or-treating, etc. late. While getting into bed and going to sleep right away sounds nice, remember that it takes just two minutes to brush and about another minute or so to floss. Those few minutes offer your oral health immense protection down the line! When you skip it, you open up potential for tartar formation and the serious consequences that come with it!

Think It Through Ahead of Time

Do yourself a favor this Halloween and think it all through ahead of time. Think about your smile, your teeth, dental implants, your current oral health, and anything else involved. Now, ask yourself about which types of treats are safe and which are not. Figure your schedule out, so you give yourself time to practice dental care. By planning just a bit, you can ensure you have a night that’s safe for your grin and that’s fun!

Come In For Holiday Smile Prep!

Remember that as holidays approach, no matter what they are, they can change your schedule and your usual activities, which may have an impact on your smile care. Stay the course by seeking help from us! To schedule an appointment or consultation with Dr. Hofkes, contact us today by calling 562-584-4082. We proudly welcome patients of all ages from Cerritos, CA, and all surrounding communities.