Why Skip OTC And DIY Whitening?

If you’re already scratching your head because you don’t know what all of these abbreviations mean in terms of teeth whitening or anything else for that matter, let’s clear it all up for you! First, remember that OTC stands of over-the-counter and DIY stands for do-it-yourself. Now, apply that to dental care. What our Cerritos, CA team is saying here is that if you want whitening, you should skip the stuff you purchase from the drugstore, online, or that you whip up in your kitchen with common cooking or baking ingredients. The choice that is always better? Professional care. Learn more!

Predictability Is Important

When it comes to addressing esthetic smile concerns with cosmetic dentistry, such as teeth whitening, something that is very important to a certain degree is predictability. For instance, you really want to be able to predict that the treatment you’re going to use for your smile isn’t going to cause any damage or discomfort. You also want to know that it’s going to get you somewhere in the neighborhood of reaching the desired results. Unfortunately, when you choose items that are OTC or you DIY, you are giving up predictability! The treatments are not being provided and administered by an expert and they’re universally formulated, so all bets are off.

Protection From Smile Damage Is A Big Deal

Now, let’s talk a bit more about smile damage. You may shrug your shoulders and think to yourself that you’re okay with a little bit of sensitivity from a treatment like teeth whitening. However, we remind you that what we’re talking about is much more serious. When you choose the potentially harsh OTC treatments out there or you use home remedies (that include abrasive or acidic ingredients), you can dramatically weaken your enamel, dehydrate your teeth, and cause severe damage. Why not avoid all of this, so you can protect your smile and seek a prettier, whiter grin?

Professional Care Optimizes Safety And Beautiful Results!

Right, this is the part in which you realize that when you’re choosing not to select OTC or DIY teeth whitening treatments, it’s because they’re too unreliable and that professional whitening is everything you’re looking for (because it is!). When you receive cosmetic care from us, you know it will be safe, you know that our team of experts will apply it carefully, and that it will lead to stunning results!

Seek Whitening From Our Expert Team

When you want a whiter smile, come in to talk with us to find out all about the best way to approach the staining your smile has experienced. Choose from whitening or other treatments for a lovely transformation. To schedule an appointment or consultation with Dr. Hofkes, contact us today by calling 562-584-4082. We proudly welcome patients of all ages from Cerritos, CA, and all surrounding communities.