Answers To 2 Common Candidacy Questions

There are many, many questions that we have received over the years. While many questions are specific to a patient’s particular needs or thoughts, there are some that stand out as becoming extremely common. Today, we’d like to cover some of those as they relate to candidacy, which is a frequent topic of inquiry when discussing oral surgery. Always keep in mind, if you have questions about your own smile care journey, all it takes to receive answers is scheduling a visit.

Question: #1: Am I A Candidate For Implants?

As you may have guessed, the best way to find out if you’re a candidate for dental implants is to sit down with our team, so we can talk about your smile needs, rather than general ones. For some introductory details that will help you understand what you can expect, however, think through the following:

  • Implants require oral surgery. As a result, you must be able to undergo surgery. This means you must be in decent overall health.
  • Implants require a dense, full jawbone. If tissue has been damaged, you may not qualify immediately. However, treatments like grafting may improve your ability to become a candidate.

Question: #2: Will I Qualify For Sedation?

If you are wondering about your candidacy for dental sedation, so you may enjoy relaxing oral surgery, the very short response is usually: Just about everyone is a good candidate. However, as you may have imagined, you may be a better candidate for a particular type (which we will be happy to talk over with you). We must also consider your health and any current medications.

Schedule Time To Ask About Your Smile Needs

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