Wisdom Teeth: Are Dental Extractions A Given?

So, you are just getting around to finding out how your wisdom teeth are doing. If you’re an adult, then you may wonder if you should have had dental extractions already. Then, with that in mind, you may start wondering if everyone needs these third molars removed no matter what or if perhaps there are some instances in which it’s completely unnecessary. As it turns out, there are frequently problems like impaction or crooked growth that require removal. However, it’s not actually always necessary. Find out more!

Not When Your Teeth Are Healthy

First things first, you know that common problems associated with wisdom teeth can include the following: They’re growing on an angle that is not conducive to positive oral health, they are impacted, they have erupted but are too difficult to clean and have become decayed. In such instances, dental extractions become essential. However, it’s also possible for your teeth to grow in beautifully, for you to reach them with ease and care for them effectively, and for them to remain healthy. When this happens, there’s no need to take them out.

Not When You Don’t Have Any!

You might not have realized that this can happen. Sometimes, we see a patient who just doesn’t have wisdom teeth. If you don’t have them, then you obviously will not require removal! However, don’t assume that you don’t have wisdom teeth that require dental extractions just because you don’t see any teeth. If they’re impacted, they might be in there (but they have not erupted at all, so you can’t detect them).

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