Is Sleep Apnea Contagious?

You may find yourself sheepishly wondering if sleep apnea is contagious. If this is because your partner seems to be exhibiting a shocking amount of symptoms associated with the sleep disorder you have been diagnosed with, don’t worry: This is perfectly understandable. Even though it’s not possible to “spread” your disorder to someone else, sharing symptoms is actually quite common. Allow us to help you more clearly understand what’s going on here and how to fix it, so you and your relationship remain safe!

What’s Going On?

Think about what’s happening when you suffer from sleep apnea. During the night, you might snore excessively. You also wake up (often hundreds of times) as a very loud, choking or gagging noise escapes your throat. If you have a significant other sleeping next to you, what do you think that person experiences? The answers: Sleep disturbance. Every time the snoring and choking and gagging happens, you’re likely rousing your partner out of sleep. So, when your loved one says, “I feel just as fatigued, moody, and distracted as you,” you know why.

What To Do

Fixing your sleep apnea is the key to addressing the problems your significant other is dealing with. When you remain asleep throughout the night, your partner will no longer be waking up on account of you. To go from collapsing airways to those that remain open, so you breathe consistently, come see us! After a consultation, we can provide you with noninvasive treatment that might even help your relationship, too!