Water: How It Helps Your Oral Health

You might not spend a lot of time thinking about whether you’re drinking a sufficient amount of water. This is particularly true if you’re more focused on issues like dealing with tooth loss and receiving dental implants. The truth is, whatever oral health concern is affecting you (even if your smile is in pretty amazing condition), choosing to keep your mouth and body hydrated is actually essential to maintaining your smile. Find out more, so you see just how important it is to pick up that glass of water.

Avoid The Beginnings That Lead To Damage

It’s easy to forget that serious decay, tooth loss, gum disease, and other problems typically begin with a very simple issue. In most cases, the issue arises as the result of bad bacteria that irritate your gums and that eat away at your dental tissue. What was once a cavity or a simple case of gingivitis can turn into a destroyed tooth, infection, and even tooth loss. We want you to remember that drinking more water can help you avoid all of these oral health issues.

The Water/Oral Health Connection

As mentioned, keeping your teeth and gums as free of plaque and bacteria as you can is always essential for your smile. Fortunately, rinsing with water or drinking water is a strong preventive option (particularly when you also practice excellent dental hygiene and schedule checkups and cleanings) because it flushes bacteria and food particles away. In addition, it can help address dry mouth, during which bacterial populations increase and cause damage. Can’t get to a toothbrush? Don’t have chewing gum on hand? Drink water! Drink it all day long, replace other beverages with it, drink it after snacks and meals, and make sure you’re getting about 64 ounces a day for optimal oral health protection.