Calming Concerns: Tooth Extractions

When it comes to dental care, there is only one treatment that includes the removal of your tooth. As a result, you may find that you have a very unique response (and set of questions) that arises when you learn you need a tooth extraction. While we understand that it may feel a bit overwhelming initially, we reassure you wholeheartedly that it is going to be okay! Consider our responses to concerns that are very common, so you feel optimistic about protecting your oral health.

Concerns and Responses: Extractions

Concern: I’m worried that recovery is going to be very difficult!

Response: Tooth extractions happen every day and are procedures that require a quick, simple recovery. By following our instructions regarding rest, how to eat, how to protect the open socket, and how to safeguard your body’s healing process, you’ll achieve success without a lot of effort.

Concern: I’m worried about the future of my smile! I don’t want an open space in my grin.

Response: No need to worry. After the removal of your tooth, we can move forward with a replacement. Whether you choose a dental implant or dental bridge, you can expect a complete smile after a tooth extraction.

Concern: I’m worried that I’m going to be in a lot of discomfort after the tooth extraction. What will I do?

Response: Of course, the extraction site will likely be sore following surgery. However, you will not need to worry about discomfort. We will either prescribe pain pills for a comfortable recovery or you may opt to rely on pain relievers you purchase from the drugstore (since in most instances, you will be dealing with only minor soreness).