When Is a Tooth Extraction the Answer? Part One

Few, if any, patients want to hear from their dentist that they require an extraction. A tooth extraction can seem a scary prospect, particularly if you are unfamiliar with how the procedure works or how your smile will look or function after the removal of the tooth or teeth. Fortunately, a skilled oral surgeon can help keep you comfortable during a tooth extraction, and then help provide you with a prosthetic, afterwards, that both looks and feels natural. So if you’re struggling with a painful infection, a partially impacted wisdom tooth, or any other oral health issue that requires an extraction, don’t worry. This treatment, followed by the placement of a prosthetic, could actually help you smile, chew, laugh and more, comfortably and just as importantly, confidently once again!

Do You Need to Stop an Infection or Other Oral Health Threat?

There are a number of potential reasons a dentist or oral surgeon might recommend a tooth extraction.

  • In some cases, tooth extractions become necessary due to severe tooth infections, which can be painful and threaten a person’s overall oral health. For instance, if a root canal treatment will not be sufficient to save an infected tooth and to thoroughly stop the infection before it can spread, the dentist may recommend an extraction.
  • Partially impacted wisdom teeth can also be incredibly painful, and may require an extraction to both restore your comfort and provide misalignment of the other teeth.
  • Gum disease can cause tooth to loosen, leading to the need for an extraction in some cases.
  • You might also need an extraction if a tooth has become damaged in a way that makes restorative treatment, like a dental crown, ineffective. In these cases, an extraction, followed by the placement of a dental implant could provide an even more stable way to complete the smile.