Do You Need Sedation Dentistry?

Does the mere thought of visiting your dentist give you anxiety? Often times, the dentist can be associated with painful procedures which can be fearful for the patients. In order to ease your mind and body, your dentist may recommend sedation dentistry. Do you need sedation dentistry? This method can be used for anxiety, but also for painful procedures like oral surgery to minimize discomfort for you, the patient. If you feel that you could benefit from sedation during your dental procedure, consult with your dentist for their recommendation.

When Is Sedation Dentistry Used?

Sedation dentistry is used in a multitude of different situations. Commonly referred to as, “sleep dentistry” there are many different levels of “sleep” depending on the severity of your condition or treatment. For more mild situations, you are typically awake and conscious throughout the procedure but you feel relaxed.

If your dentist recommends that you are put to “sleep,” they’ll use general anesthesia or deep sedation. Typically, this is recommended when you undergo oral surgery as your dentist will usually have to cut into your gum tissue. If you do undergo a procedure that calls for this method of sedation, keep in mind that the effects of the medication do take time to wear off. You’ll probably need someone to drive you home from the dentist’s office.

Does Sedation Dentistry Have Benefits?

Absolutely! Many times with patients who fear the dentist, their appointments have to be cut short in order for them to tolerate the procedure. This drags the procedure out over a period of time and can end up being costly. With sedation dentistry, you’ll be relaxed enough to sit through the entire procedure, saving you time and money.