Do I Need Emergency Dentistry?

You may chip a tooth or experience a sudden about of pain and think, “Do I need emergency dentistry?” Fortunately, our office can provide emergency services for people who damage or experience pain in their teeth or gums. Don’t ignore the discomfort and allow a problem to progress. Instead, schedule a consultation right away for a diagnosis and to discuss possible treatment options.

Frequently Asked Questions About Emergency Dentistry

Question: What is an emergency situation?

Answer: Anytime you experience discomfort or damage to your tooth then you may require emergency treatment. Otherwise, the source of the damage or discomfort could lead to a serious oral health problem, such as advanced tooth decay, infection, or possibly the loss of a tooth. If you experience any pain in your tooth/teeth or notice a chip or crack, see a dentist right away.

Question: How do I respond to a chipped tooth?

Answer: If a tooth becomes chipped see if you can gather up any of the pieces. We can use these for restoration. However, if you are unable to recover these pieces of tooth the damage can still be repaired. You may also consider placing a cold compress against the side of your face to reduce swelling or a applying a piece of gauze to the tooth to stop any bleeding.

Question: What if my restoration becomes loose or lost?

Answer: if you have a filling or crown that becomes loose you can often temporary adhere it to the tooth with dental cement from your pharmacy until you can see the doctor. If the restoration becomes lost completely, schedule a visit right away for a replacement.

Question: What if I knock a tooth out?

Answer: If you have a tooth knocked-out you need to recover the tooth. When you pick it up only touch the crown, or visible part. Don’t touch the root. You should also rinse the tooth under gently running water to remove dirt. Then place the tooth in a glass of milk and bring it to the office.