Relax, Preparing For Dental Surgery Is Simple

Being brave enough to schedule dental surgery to improve your oral health is certainly commendable. However, if you feel at all anxious about your upcoming treatment, you may find that you need to build up a whole new burst of energy and courage to find out what you need to expect. Guess what? We are experts in this field and have streamlined the experience you are about to have, so you can expect ultimate comfort and efficiency. To give you the security and sense of relaxation you deserve, we have answered some common questions about your visit.

Question: Where will I have my surgery? Do I need to go to a different location?

Answer: One of our goals is to ensure you feel comfortable and enjoy convenient care. So, you will not need to worry about visiting a new location. Our dental surgery is in-house, which means you will continue to visit our offices in the environment to which you are accustomed.

Question: Will my surgery be comfortable? I’m a little nervous about dental surgery.

Answer: Yes, of course. Dental surgery with us will always be comfortable. The level and type of anesthesia you receive will vary from treatment to treatment. For simple procedures, you may simply require local anesthesia. However, for more complex dental surgery, you may require IV sedation. In any case, we always offer sedation dentistry solutions, so you feel at ease.

Question: What happens after my surgery? Can I drive myself home?

Answer: In most cases, you will need to bring along a loved one or friend to drive you home after your dental surgery. However, if you do not receive sedation, you may be perfectly able to drive yourself home after your procedure.

Question: What should I expect from recovery after dental surgery? How long will I need to rest?

Answer: Your recovery period may last up to two weeks or so. You will need time to heal, which means you will need to rest and take some time away from your regularly scheduled activities like school or work. We may also provide you with specific instructions regarding eating soft foods until your mouth is well enough to return to your usual diet.


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