Things To Consider About Sedation Dentistry

If you’ve been wondering how to achieve a more relaxed experience during your dental visits or particular procedures, it’s time you learn more about sedation dentistry. If you’re fuzzy on the details, sedation provides you with a variety of options for enjoying a tranquil time during your appointment. We will offer you an anti-anxiety, tranquilizing medicine that allows you to achieve a deeply mellow state. While this information is usually met with a very relieved patient, we are not surprised to find you may have some questions. Learn a bit more about sedation, so you can feel informed and excited about incorporating it into your care.

You May Need To Cancel Your Daily Plans

If you receive sedation for your visit, you may need to cancel your usual daily activities. However, this is not always the case. Let’s clarify: If you choose nitrous oxide, you can return to work, school, or any other plans you have scheduled. However, if you choose oral sedation, oral plus nitrous oxide, or IV sedation, you will need to plan ahead. Patients need time to rest as the medication leaves their systems. Additionally, you will still be too sedated to drive home – make sure you have a friend or loved one who can drive you after your visit.

You Probably Qualify (So It’s Worth Asking)

Patients are often worried that though they desire sedation dentistry, they think their concern is not legitimate or severe enough. We would like you to think differently about sedation: Think of it as a tool to help you more comfortably access the dental care you need. For instance, a person with severe dental anxiety, one with mild nervousness, and another who simply has an overactive gag reflex all qualify. It’s better to ask than to make assumptions and we are always happy to explore your options with you.

Receiving Sedation Is Safe

Worried about safety? We work with anesthesiologists who administer the sedative and who will keep a very close watch on your comfort and vitals throughout your visit.


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