Do All Wisdom Teeth Require Removal?

You may have fallen under the impressions that everyone needs wisdom tooth extraction. However, this is not necessarily the case. True, your wisdom teeth (or the third molars that develop when you are a young adult) may become extremely problematic. In fact, because high-risk situations are common, so is oral surgery to remove the teeth from your smile. But before you assume it must be time to schedule your tooth removal, it is important to realize that some wisdom teeth are actually welcome to remain right where they stand.

Checking Your Teeth

Even if we take a quick look inside your mouth, we cannot determine definitively whether or not you require wisdom tooth extraction. Fortunately, our practice is outfitted with advanced dental technology, which allows us to take panoramic X-rays of your oral cavity. We will be able to see if you have any wisdom teeth, if you do not have any, and whether they are developing appropriately or poorly. For problematic teeth, we will suggest removal. However, some patients may not develop them at all, while others develop healthy third molars.

Potential Problems With Healthy Wisdom Teeth

Did your wisdom teeth grow in successfully? The problem with healthy third molars is that they may become difficult to clean successfully due to their position in your smile. This leaves them more susceptible to issues like tooth decay and increases your chance of gum disease.

Elective Wisdom Teeth Removal

If you can take excellent care of your teeth, then you may not require wisdom tooth extraction at all. However, if you find that these teeth become difficult to provide optimal care, you can elect to choose a wisdom tooth extraction. We will speak with you about your options, while guiding you toward a final decision.


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