Protect Yourself From Tooth Extractions With … Flossing?

Have you recently been diagnosed with a dental problem that requires a tooth extraction? The good news is that an extraction actually protects your mouth from further potential damage, instantly removes the source of discomfort, and will create an excellent foundation for a tooth replacement. We will even speak with you about crafting a tooth replacement plan unique to your needs. However, if you are curious about what you can do to avoid the need for extractions in the future, your best solutions is to keep your teeth and gums extremely clean with dental cleanings, checkups, brushing, and … you guessed it … flossing. Wondering how your daily flossing may prevent the need for an extraction? Find out more:

How Does Flossing Prevent Extractions?

Understanding how flossing is a key aspect of protecting your smile from potential tooth loss is dependent on your comprehension of plaque and its negative effects. Here’s the breakdown:

  • Plaque is a sticky substance that sticks itself to your teeth every single day. It will migrate beneath your gumline and can hide in any tiny space imaginable, including the grooves of your teeth and the spaces between your teeth.
  • Once plaque adheres to your teeth it may harden into calculus, a substance too difficult to remove with your own efforts within as few as 48 hours, which is why consistent care is essential.
  • The bacteria in plaque feed on carbohydrates in your mouth and then release irritating acids while they digest those carbs. The result? Broken down tooth tissue and inflamed gum tissue that leads to tooth decay and gum disease.
  • By flossing effectively every day, you remove the plaque that you miss with your toothbrush. This prevents cavities and periodontal disease, problems that may eventually lead to infection, severe decay, and the subsequent need for tooth extraction when left untreated.


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