Reasons for Tooth Extractions: True or False Quiz

Finding out that you need a tooth extraction often causes you to feel much more surprised and concerned than when you find out you require a filling or some other restorative treatment. We understand your shock and the fact that you may initially feel strongly about trying to save your tooth. However, we would like to reassure you that we feel just as passionately about saving natural teeth when possible. When it comes to highly problematic teeth or instances that call for tooth removal, an extraction offers you the best option. Set your immediate dislike of this option aside and test your knowledge regarding extractions for a clearer understanding of how they can truly improve your oral health.

True-or-False Quiz: Tooth Extractions

  1. True or False: An extraction is sometimes essential as a way to create extra space for orthodontic care or to make room for a larger teeth replacement prosthetic.
  2. True or False: We typically suggest a tooth extraction for a problem tooth only after other restorative treatments have failed.
  3. True or False: We will not suggest a tooth extraction for infection or damage – we will cover it with a crown.

Answer Key

  1. True. Some patients suffer from overcrowding, which means they may require the removal of some permanent teeth to make room for effective orthodontic care, such as braces. Or, let’s say a patient is missing all teeth but one. We may remove the final tooth to make room for full dentures.
  2. True. We make conservative suggestions for the removal of your tooth. We will not simply suggest removing a tooth because it has a cavity or other concern. We will exhaust other potential options because our goal is always to help you retain your natural teeth, as long as their health can be restored.
  3. False. If your severe infection will not respond to treatment or antibiotics – or if your tooth is too severely physically damaged to remain in place even with crown coverage – we will suggest an extraction.


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