Q&A About Oral Sedation

Do you suffer from a great deal of hesitation or nervousness when it comes to keeping up with your dental appointments? Perhaps you are not uneasy when it comes to preventive care but certain procedures cause you some serious anxiety. If any of this sounds familiar, you may have found yourself wishing for some magic pill that you could take to make dental care a breeze. If so, you will love what you’re about to learn. We offer oral sedation to calm you during your dental visits, so you can enjoy the relaxing experience you desire. Feeling interested but you have some questions to ask first? Discover answers to FAQs with the following information:

Frequently Asked Questions About Oral Sedation

Question: How do you decide if I qualify for oral sedation?

Answer: We will first consult with you to discuss your anxiety and other feelings regarding dental care. We may then speak with you about your general health to ensure you are healthy enough for sedation. We may also ask about other medications you take.

Question: How does oral sedation work?

Answer: It’s very simple. We will provide you with an anti-anxiety medicine in the form of a swallowable pill. Rather than requiring an injection or other form of administration, you will simply need to take a pill. We will choose a medication best suited to your particular needs.

Question: What’s this type of sedation like?

Answer: It’s stronger than nitrous oxide but not quite as deep as IV sedation. Oral sedation will completely take away your anxiety and allow you to feel deeply relaxed. If you feel like you would like just a bit more tranquility, we can combine oral sedation with nitrous oxide – this is particularly helpful if you desire a greater numbing effect. You will feel sleepy and at ease. However, you will remain conscious throughout your visit. 


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