Learn More About Tooth Loss and Dental Implants

It may be common, and most people are aware of its possibility, but there is still much about tooth loss that the average patient may not be aware of. Likewise, not everyone may immediately realize the variety of factors that must be considered when replacing lost teeth. Fortunately, losing one or more teeth does not have to devastate your confidence, or your oral health. With dental implants, the vital functions that your teeth and their roots perform can be fully reestablished to not only restore your smile, but also preserve its health and integrity.

About Tooth Loss

Your teeth are responsible for a number of different things besides defining your smile’s appearance and grinding up your food. Teeth also help support your facial features, and promote a healthy flow of nutrients to the jawbone that holds their roots. When you lose even a single tooth, the rest of them may have trouble meeting all of their responsibilities, and can become subject to excessive wear, damage, infection, migration, and even loss.

About Dental Implants

One of the more significant effects of missing teeth involves the loss and absence of your teeth’s roots. As the supportive anchors for your teeth, the roots also help stimulate your jawbone whenever you bite and chew and your food. The stimulation prompts your body to send your jawbone more nutrients, keeping the bone and the teeth they support strong and healthy.

The Benefits of Dental Implants

Dental implants, which describe small titanium posts that support a dental crown, partial denture, or complete denture, are designed to restore the stability and stimulation that your teeth’s roots once provided. As the only option meant to replace your lost teeth roots, dental implants not only help stabilize your replacement teeth, but also preserve your jawbone’s strength and reduce the risk of future tooth loss.


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