The Benefits of Impacted Wisdom Tooth Removal

The trouble with wisdom teeth, or third molars, is that, even though they grow naturally, your dental ridges might not be able to accommodate them. If so, then their growth can lead to a host of increasingly more serious issues, including dental damage and worsening discomfort. Besides alleviating pain, the benefits of impacted wisdom tooth removal also include improved long-term dental health, which we explain by examining the nature of impacted third molars.

When Third Molars Go Awry

All healthy adult teeth should grow and erupt vertically from your dental ridges, creating a symmetrical arch necessary to effectively bite and chew your food. Unfortunately, by the time your four molars develop, the 28 teeth that should have already grown may take up all of the space along your upper and lower jawbones.

Because the molars already present can cause a disruption in their growth, wisdom teeth often become impacted, causing them to grow at an angle and only partially erupt from the gum line. In some cases, the impaction can be severe enough that the third molar does not erupt at all, but remains trapped inside the jawbone.

Why Wisdom Tooth Removal is Beneficial

  • Pain Relief – Because the discomfort can be so severe, pain relief is often the most satisfying benefit of impacted wisdom tooth removal. Extracting the wisdom tooth will stop it from pressing against your other teeth, relieving the pressure that is causing the pain.
  • Protection for your other teeth – Even if you tried to deal with the discomfort, the pressure from impacted wisdom teeth can eventually lead to irreversible damage to those around them. In addition to the pressure from your bite, the stress of errant wisdom teeth can make dental damage more likely, and removing them could be the only way to protect the rest of your smile.
  • Improved function and stability – Whether it’s from the discomfort or the imbalance created by teeth pushed out of alignment, wisdom tooth extraction can improve your bite’s function and ability significantly. Also, you will not have to replace extracted wisdom teeth as you typically would have to with any other extracted tooth.


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