Sedation Dentistry: Your Nitrous Oxide FAQs

Have you been considering visiting us for dental care but you feel hesitant because of nerves? Perhaps you have always had comfortable procedures but there is just something about visiting a dental practice that gets you feeling a bit jittery. Rest assured, millions of people suffer from dental anxiety. Many others deal with a variety of issues that keep them from scheduling the care they need, such as a severe gag reflex or the need for extensive dental work. Whatever your concern, we often suggest nitrous oxide to calm you during your visit. Have you heard of this sedation dentistry option but you would like to know more? Look over the following and call our practice with any questions:

Nitrous Oxide FAQs

Question: Is nitrous oxide the same thing as laughing gas?

Answer: Yes, “laughing gas” is just a nickname you may hear because the effects of nitrous oxide may cause you to feel euphoric or as though you find everything a bit funny.

Question: Will nitrous oxide just make me feel like laughing?

Answer: No, for the most part it will take the edge off of your nerves, allowing you to feel extremely relaxed during your visit.

Question: How do you administer it?

Answer: This is a wonderful solution for patients with a phobia of injections. Nitrous oxide is administered through a mask we will place over your nose. You will simply need to breathe in and it will begin working quickly.

Question: Can you control the amount I receive?

Answer: Yes, one of the benefits of nitrous oxide is that we can customize the dosage throughout your visit, ensuring you feel comfortable and tranquil throughout your appointment.

Question: Will I need to have someone drive me home after my visit?

Answer: No! Another wonderful advantage of this sedation option is that as quickly as it begins to work, it also wears off as soon as we stop administering it. You will be able to drive yourself home after your appointment.


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