Oral Cancer FAQs

Just talking about oral disease may cause you to feel anxious. While it is not necessarily something you want to talk about, you probably find that a variety of questions pass through your mind when someone mentions oral cancer. Rather than shying away from this significant topic, we encourage you to feel empowered through knowledge. Understanding how to detect the disease early for successful treatment provides you with an excellent chance of quickly treating and overcoming the illness before it has a chance to flourish. Instead of focusing on the negatives, learn more about how you can prevent cancer and regain full daily health with answers to your most pressing questions.

Frequently Asked Questions About Oral Cancer

Question: When should I schedule an appointment?

Answer: We encourage you to feel comfortable contacting us for an appointment if something even feels or looks slightly out of the ordinary. In some cases, patients do not experience discomfort or any sign of oral cancer. So if you are noticing a difference, the best thing to do is call us. We would much prefer to find out it was a false alarm than to wait and allow the disease to progress.

Question: What if I don’t feel any discomfort?

Answer: This is one of the main reasons we urge patients to schedule consistent six-month checkups. In many cases, you will not be able to recognize oral cancer in its earliest stage. However, we have the instruments and experience to detect changes in the lining of your mouth sometimes long before the disease becomes visible or noticeable to you. See us twice a year, so we can identify concerns the moment they arise.

Question: Will I need chemotherapy?

Answer: The treatment you need will depend on the stage of your oral cancer, should it develop. Treatment may include a combination of approaches, including surgery, radiation therapy, chemotherapy, and reconstructive surgery. Fortunately, when we catch the problem as it begins, we can usually rely solely on surgery to remove pre-cancerous cells.


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