Do Wisdom Teeth Make Other Teeth Hurt?

If you’ve ever experienced a toothache, then you may have an idea what the cooler weather has in store for sensitive teeth. Hot and cold temperatures notoriously aggravate sensitive teeth, and in some cases the sensitivity may be severe enough for a simple breath of cold air to send wracking waves of discomfort throughout your entire mouth. This discomfort is one motivating reason for people to opt for wisdom tooth removal before the errant molars have a chance to make their presence known.

Why Do Wisdom Teeth Hurt?

Our third molars, commonly called wisdom teeth, are the last of our teeth to grow in. Some people develop these molars earlier than others; some wisdom teeth grow in perfectly and never cause discomfort. In many cases, however, there is little room in a patient’s mouth to accommodate the extra teeth, and their growth only leads to difficult dental problems and sometimes excruciating discomfort. Without enough room to grow, the teeth can become impacted (stuck under the gums) or partially erupted (only a little bit erupts from the gums). The odd growth can ache by itself, but often the oddly-growing tooth can crowd the already-existing teeth, possibly damaging them and causing even more discomfort.

How Removing Wisdom Teeth Can Ease Your Toothaches

If your toothaches are caused by over-crowded wisdom teeth, then removing the molars may ease your toothache. However, if the wisdom teeth caused damage to your tooth, then we will have to assess the damage to determine what must be done to correct that tooth’s issue. Aside from wisdom tooth growth, tooth sensitivity can also be caused by decay or by trauma that exposes your tooth’s inner layers and pulp (the center), and may require a dental crown or other restoration to relieve the pain.


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