Quiz: Why Do Wisdom Teeth Need Extraction?

What are wisdom teeth? Why do they need to be removed? These are two questions patients ask us all the time. Many people are unaware of the significant dangers posed by the third molars. At Cerritos Dental Surgery, Dr. Shawn Hofkes offers solutions for the gentle extraction of the third molars.

Wisdom Teeth Quiz

  1. True or False: Third molars typically arrive in early adulthood.
  2. True or False: Wisdom teeth can cause a number of serious problems.
  3. True or False: Extraction can allow Dr. Hofkes to remove these teeth.
  4. True or False: Dr. Hofkes offers sedation dentistry for a comfortable procedure.

Answer Key

  1. True. These teeth will usually erupt in a person’s late teens or early twenties. When they do, there is a chance that could cause problems for the alignment and health of your smile.
  2. True. Your mouth is designed to comfortably hold 28 teeth. When your four wisdom teeth erupt, this forces 32 teeth into that same space. The result can be painful impaction, cracked or chipped teeth, infection, or misalignment.
  3. True. To see if you require extraction, Dr. Hofkes will first exam your smile with digital x-rays, allowing him to view a clear and accurate image of your teeth. After administering local anesthesia, he will carefully remove the erupting teeth and suture the gums shut. Dr. Hofkes will provide detailed aftercare information and schedule follow up visits.
  4. True. If you feel at all apprehensive about this procedure, Dr. Hofkes can help. We can administer IV sedation, which helps you stay calm and relaxed, but conscious, during the removal process. If you have any questions, simply give our office a call for more information.

About Your Cerritos Oral Surgeon:

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