Become The Wiser On When To Remove Wisdom Teeth

Although your third molars are called wisdom teeth, they don’t hold any magic solution to creating a more aware human being. What they can do is cause difficulties in maintaining a solid arch of teeth. The most common cause of wisdom teeth removal is due to a condition called an impacted third molar. This condition relates to the third molar not being able to erupt properly, which can cause pressure on your other teeth. Dr. Hofkes answers some FAQs on wisdom teeth.

FAQs: Your Wisdom Teeth Extraction

Question: Why Should Someone Have Their Wisdom Teeth Extracted?

Answer: Depending on your wisdom teeth growth trajectory, you may not need to extract them. However, if after a thorough examination Dr. Hofkes believes your third molars need to be extracted, here are some reasons why:

Question: When Should Someone Have Their Wisdom Teeth Extracted?

Answer: As we age, our jawbone increases in density. Extracting the wisdom teeth at a younger age tends to be the most popular choice, due to minimal jawbone density.

Question: Why Would Someone Keep Their Third Molars?

Answer: The ideal situation for non-extraction would be wisdom teeth that erupt without disrupting any other teeth. If the third molars are en-route to proper eruption, and don’t show signs of causing harm to your gums, teeth, or other soft tissues, they can be left alone. Also, proper bite alignment is considered when determining whether to leave the wisdom teeth in or extract them. 

Question: Does Dr. Hofkes Use Sedation Dentistry During Extraction?

Answer: Yes, Dr. Hofkes does use IV Sedation during wisdom teeth extractions. If you’re scheduled for a third molar extraction, be sure to schedule a ride to and from the dentist office. 

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