Quiz: What Are Third Molars?

Regular dental care is vital for patients of all ages. As a person reaches adulthood, they may have to deal with the eruption of their third molars. Addressing this issue early helps prevent a number of serious complications.

Cerritos CA Third Molar Quiz

1. True or False: Third molars are also known as wisdom teeth.

2. True or False: Many people require wisdom teeth extraction.

3. True or False: Without extraction, wisdom teeth may affect the health of your smile.

4. True or False: Your Cerritos CA dentist offers sedation dentistry.

Answer Key

1. True. They are known as “wisdom teeth” because the third molars typically erupt as a person enters adulthood, usually between the late teens and early 20s. However, not everyone develops wisdom teeth and not everyone needs to have them extracted.

2. True. For the most part, our mouths comfortably hold 28 teeth. However, when the third molars arrive, the mouth must now accommodate 32 teeth. To correct this problem, your Cerritos CA dentist can perform a third molar extraction, removing the wisdom teeth with oral surgery.

3. True. Without extraction, the wisdom teeth may become impacted, which can cause infections to form. Third molars may also lead to misalignment, which increases the risk of tooth decay, gum disease, and even tooth loss. Both the appearance and function of your smile can suffer from the eruption of wisdom teeth.

4. True. Are you nervous about undergoing oral surgery? To help you remain relaxed and calm, your Cerritos CA dentist provides sedation dentistry. We offer nitrous oxide and a deeper form of relaxation with IV sedation. Which type of sedation will best address your needs will depend on your level of anxiety and medical history.

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