Why Do Dental Implants Cost So Much?

In yesterday’s post, we discussed whether receiving dental implants was worth the investment in time and money. Determining the return on investment for the procedure is a highly personal matter, but for the right patient, dental implants can provide a new lease on life. However, the cost intensive nature of the treatment presents an obstacle for many people interested in dental implants. Today, we discuss why dental implants are more expensive than other tooth replacement.  

It’s All About Coordinated, Specialized Care

Having dental implants placed is far more complex than your everyday filling or root canal. In fact, for many patients, receiving dental implants is the most complex dental or medical procedure they undergo throughout their entire lifetime. Consider the basic steps that go into placing implants:

Diagnosis and Planning

First, your implant dentist will develop a customized treatment plan, determining what kind of prosthetic to use and how many implant posts will be needed. Then, he will take 3D CAT scans to plan the best position, depth, and angle so the posts can provide optimal strength and security. Finally, you, your implant dentist, and his administrative staff will schedule the procedures, establish costs, work with insurance to determine whether any coverage applies, and help you find financing (if needed).

Surgery and Sedation

During the implant procedure, your implant dentist may call upon the services of an anesthesiologist to administer IV sedation and closely monitor your vital signs to ensure your safety. In addition, he will utilize assisting staff to help him perform this precise, complex procedure. Finally, if you require adjunct procedures, such as the extraction of infected or “dead” teeth or bone grafting to strengthen the jaw prior to implantation, the complexity and cost of dental implants goes up.

Designing, Crafting, and Placing the Prosthetic

Whether you need a single porcelain crown or a complete overdenture, if the prosthetic doesn’t fit well, look good, and hold up to constant wear and tear, the implant process isn’t worth the investment. Your implant dentist will design your prosthetic according to several factors, including your preferences regarding size, shape, and shading and the overall look of your face and smile. Once completed, the design is sent to a dental prosthetics lab where technicians create the customized prosthetic by hand. Finally, your implant dentist will place the prosthetic after the implant posts have fully healed.

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