Cone Beam in Cerritos CA

The staff of Shawn Hofkes, DDS, is committed to providing you with up-to-date dental services. When it comes to creating dental implants, the latest in technology makes the process easier and more precise. Cone beam utilizes an advanced type of technology using digital radiography. The beam will create a 3D image of the structure of your jawbone, teeth, and empty sockets. Dr. Hofkes and our staff can explain cone beam implant scans and options for dental implants.

What Are the Benefits of Cone Beam Dental Imaging?

  • Cone beam dental imaging creates a more detailed, 3D view of your teeth and surrounding structures, unlike 2D X-rays.
  • A more thorough visual of your mouth, compared to older 2D technology, gives Dr. Hofkes detailed information for more precise case planning. The result is an accurate implant or other restorative prosthetic that restores your natural smile and bite.
  • Three-dimensional technology presents Dr. Hofkes with a thorough surgical guide of your mouth for more precise surgery.
  • The 3D image is useful for a wide array of dental purposes. From creating prosthetics to finding the source of oral discomfort, cone beam dental imaging reduces exploration time.

Am I a Good Candidate for Cone Beam Dental Imaging?

The dentist elects to use this state-of-the-art technology when planning prosthetics for dental implants. The exact details on the image allow for a greater opportunity for a successful implant, which have a 95 percent success rate. Imagine a digital scan of your mouth that includes all the depth and texture of your oral structures.

What Can I Expect?

Cone beam dental imaging is similar to traditional X-rays, so the experience will not feel unfamiliar. However, a typical X-ray targets only your teeth. Getting your X-rays taken requires several exposures and provides flat images. The scanner that houses the cone beam is attached to a long arm. While you are in a seated position, the arm will rotate around your head, simultaneously recording digital images. The scan takes no more than 10 seconds. Dr. Hofkes can employ the technology if he needs an accurate digital image to bring your smile back to its natural appearance and full function. With the ability to view your mouth from any angle, cone beam affords the potential for precise planning and a successful outcome.

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