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What Should I Do About My Missing Teeth?

Patients often come to us with spaces in their mouths as the result of a variety of causes. You may have suffered from periodontal disease, which left your jawbone too damaged to support your teeth and you are now ready to restore your smile. Some patients suffer accidental traumas or infections that result in the… Read more »

Bad Teeth, Lost Teeth, New Teeth, False Teeth: A Look at Dental Implant Restorations

As we’ve learned in our in-depth examination of missing teeth, a number of risk factors – both within and outside of your control – can make you more susceptible to the primary causes of tooth loss. So, if gum disease, decay, or an accident claim one or more of your permanent teeth, what’s your next… Read more »

Are You Unknowingly on the Tooth Loss Fast Track?

In our ongoing exploration of the causes and consequences of tooth loss, we’ve looked at the detrimental effect missing teeth can have on your oral and overall health. We’ve also discussed risk factors for adult tooth loss that you can control through at-home hygiene and lifestyle modification. Today, we’re delving into risk factors for tooth… Read more »