Clearing Up Common Assumptions About Biopsies! 

We are very aware that there are many words that act as quick triggers for patients within the world of dental care. If we discuss cosmetic care, gentle dental treatments, or brushing, patients feel perfectly fine. However, the moment the term biopsy comes up, we often see that patients recoil and go from calm to hyper-concerned in an instant. We understand that assumptions you make or things you have heard may lead you to believed biopsies are something that should make you feel compelled to run in the opposite direction. However, our Cerritos, CA team is here to remind you: Once we clear up those assumptions, you can relax and realize that everything is A-OK!

Assumption: They’re Uncomfortable

Fact: The truth is, receiving a biopsy is something that you absolutely do not need to worry about. Remember, we aren’t here to cause you upset or discomfort. We are here to help you, to ensure your oral health is something you can completely restore and maintain, and all through dental surgery services that we practice with your absolute comfort in mind. Remember, we offer local anesthetic, as well as dental sedation for truly calm, serene care that is free of stress.

Assumption: They Mean Something Is Wrong

Fact: Just because you require a biopsy does not mean that something is wrong. Remember that this is simply a collection of your tissue as an investigative step. When we notice a change in the lining of your mouth that we cannot identify and explain without doubt, we often need the advanced help of a lab to examine your cells, so we can know with certainty why a change has occurred. Think of this more like an advanced checkup!

Assumption: They Always Require Incisions

Fact: In some cases, a biopsy will require a very small incision. However, in many cases, we will need only to gently scrape a bit of your mouth’s lining to gather the sample. Again, regardless of the type you require, remember that you can expect a quick and comfortable visit with our team, which helps you determine what’s happening with your oral health, so we may offer any necessary treatment (if it’s needed) to restore it!

Assumption: You Need A Biopsy For Every Lining Change

Fact: Generally speaking, we remind our patients that we will give changes a bit of time to resolve on their own. So, don’t assume that every sore, symptom, or shift will require a biopsy! Have questions? Just ask.

Feel Confident About Your Biopsy!

Remove any doubt or concern about an upcoming biopsy or visit with us, as you learn the facts that clear up the myths associated with this beneficial area of oral care! Ask us your questions during a visit! To schedule an appointment or consultation with Dr. Hofkes, contact us today by calling 562-584-4082. We proudly welcome patients of all ages from Cerritos, CA, and all surrounding communities.