When You Don’t Floss: Consequences And What To Do! 

Have you realized that when you choose not to floss your smile, you’re not just skipping over a minor suggestion from our Cerritos, CA team? Instead, what you’re doing is removing a significant part of your daily preventive care that offers immense protection to your teeth and gums. If you’re only now starting to realize the gravity of the situation, you may wonder: What might happen if you continue to avoid this part of your dental care? If problems have already developed, where do you go from here? Fantastic news: We’ve got all of the info you need!

Obvious Consequences Of Avoiding Your Flossing

When you don’t floss your smile, consequences will develop. Are you certain about the obvious ones? If not, let’s review them quickly and you’ll likely begin to remember the particulars. First, keep in mind that flossing is the primary way plaque (full of bacteria) and food (organic material that will break down over time) are removed from between teeth and little areas beneath your gum tissue. So, when you just don’t participate in this part of your dental care, you’re creating an environment in which it’s much more likely that tooth decay starts to form and that gum disease occurs.

Less Obvious Consequences

Now, for the not-so-obvious consequences that may arise from your decision to avoid flossing! Hold that thought we mentioned about the plaque, debris, and bacteria that will remain resting on teeth and gums when you choose to avoid this part of your dental care. Now, consider the following:

  • When you have an accumulation of plaque and tartar, decomposing food, and possibly decay or other problems, you will also develop bad breath
  • If you have dental implants, you may end up with peri-implantitis (inflamed gum tissue surrounding implants), which may lead to failure
  • Over time, you may develop stains at your gumline and between teeth

How To Fix Problems

If you have already developed some problems as a result of deciding not to include flossing in your daily dental care, all hope is not lost. Remember that we are here to help you with whatever you need. Come in for a visit soon, so we may discuss addressing damaged teeth, gum concerns, and even providing teeth whitening for stains.

What To Do Next

Now what? Start flossing! It’s never too late to pick up a strand and start incorporating this into your daily dental hygiene!

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