Be Berry Careful With Your Smile!

One of the common ways patients end up experiencing broken teeth, chipped teeth, damaged dental work like bridges or crowns, and worse? Biting into something very hard (that with just a bit more caution may have been avoided). While accidents are certainly going to happen because you cannot know everything, we still like to help keep you informed. Today’s topic? How to enjoy all the berries you want this summer season and beyond without letting this otherwise nutritious snack harm your oral health.

Remember: Seeds And Pits!

Whether you’re biting into berries with your natural teeth, dental implants, dentures, bridges, or other dental work, it’s important to remember seeds and pits. They can get in the way of a perfectly enjoyable snack by cracking, damaging, or getting stuck within your smile. Eat around them, prepare food ahead of time by removing pits and seeds, and your oral health will dodge the damage.

Reach For Seed-Free, Soft Options

You can cut out the possible problems by grabbing a handful of berries that are soft, easy to chew, and not full of seeds (for instance, blueberries can be easier on the smile than seed-filled raspberries). Or, try your hand at fruits that have been grown free of seeds (grapes, anyone?) for comfortable, safe chewing.

Come In If You Suspect A Problem

Think you might have a little seed stuck somewhere? Worried that the cherry pit you bit into caused some damage to your oral health? Don’t stay home and stress and simply hope for the best. Instead, come in to see us just in case, so we can address any damage now instead of later.

Protect Your Teeth With Our Simple Hints

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