Receiving Sedation? Get Ready With Helpful Prep!

When you have planned to receive sedation dentistry, you will likely experience a wonderful sensation of relief even before we administer the sedative. Just the knowledge that you can float into a feeling of complete tranquility makes any stress regarding your dental care melt away. That is, unless you have some questions about what to expect! Rather than allow any final concerns to creep into your mind, we strongly encourage you to talk with us. To help you remain calm and confident about your upcoming care, we offer some introductory preparation tips.

Plan To Get Home

Don’t wait until the last minute to secure a ride for your post-procedure return home. Instead, contact a couple trusted people in advance of your visit. Then, you will have your ride home (and a backup just in case you need it).

Dress For Comfort

No need to put together your finest outfit for this upcoming visit. When receiving sedation dentistry to promote comfort, it’s always best to show up as comfortable as possible. Wear something that isn’t constricting and that you feel relaxed in (including a top with short sleeves).

Don’t Feel Good? Reschedule.

If you end up catching a cold just before your visit, let us know. We will be happy to reschedule for you. Undergoing sedation dentistry and a procedure is something that requires you to feel healthy.

Don’t Eat

You’ll need approximately six hours of an empty stomach before you come in for your visit. This means no food or liquids (including water). However, if you need to take morning medication, we will discuss this with you (and you may be permitted to take it with a bit of water).